Festival Look no. 2

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Do you know those unbearable hot, sweaty summer days? Imagine having to dance, jump, or even just stroll on those days - it can be tiring. This kind of arlequin playsuit can prevent it! It's perfect for those hot and heavy summer days and night, giving your body the possibility to breath. The flat-form black ...

Festival Look no. 1

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Hey, there! Guess what? Summer is coming and with it, so are the Music Festivals! This year will be a handful, you probably don't know which festival to go to, let along what to wear. So, I thought I'd do a Series with Festival Looks to help you out. This look is perfect for a summer ...

#Selfmade x Alexandra

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As my first beauty post I wanted to make a statement using the 2015's last Anastasia Beverly Hills eyeshadow palette, which has incredible and highly pigmented eyeshadows, perfect for that pop of color. I tried to create something fun, yet not too bold, a look that can be worn at day, as well as @night.     PRODUCTS ...

Pixel Pastel

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Summer has come, the exams are over and the fun has begun! Here's a preview of what's to come this lovely summer of 2015: pastel colors, lots of white, funny faces, new make-up looks. Can't wait to share all of this amazing moments with you.    

April x Something New

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I would like to start with apologizing for not posting for such a long time, I've been super busy studying. This post is about new beginnings, new projects and new styles. As you may already know, this year the 70's and the 90's are having a comeback, so, I decided to do a 70's inspired look. Although ...

Cozy Winter

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My first post in 2015! I don't know about you guys, but honestly, I didn't make any new year's resolutions this year; I decided to carpe diem the new year. 2014 has been a great year, it helped me grow, understand more about life and see who my real friends are. It has been a ...

Faux Winter

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This year fur is a must - whether it’s faux or natural - colorful or plain black/brown. I chose a faux fur coat , because when I thought of the pretty animals killed to make the natural ones, I simply couldn’t buy them - but this is just me (and Stella McCartney). The foggy, neutral colors ...


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Never been one for obvious combinations or for 100% classics. I’ve always liked my martini with a twist - the rule applies to my personal style. I doesn’t matter if it’s the accessories or a clothing piece or my make-up or hair, it just has to have that “je na sais quoi” of my personal ...

Autumn reminiscing

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I know it’s winter already, but I didn’t have time to post the last month because I was swamped with exams,  so I now present to you: my autumn reminiscing. This year we had part of a beautiful, golden autumn with misty sun-rays and pale twilighty air. Since burgundy is so  “in” this season and my favourite ...


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The black and white combination is often underestimated. It is perfect in it’s simplicity and sophistication. This power combo was introduced in fashion by Coco Chanel; it was one of her signature features. She was for simple and effortless elegance. This alliance between the two non-colors is a -ready to wear- outfit perfect for special occasions, like ...